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3SC8-F AC Contactors

  • Overview

    3-pole and 4-pole;
    Up to 780 A - 400 V AC-3;

  • Applications and functions

    Used for controlling 3-phase motors and generally for controlling power circuits.
    Used for many other applications such as isolation, capacitor switching and lighting.

  • Features

    High performance in motor control & power switching applications
    Proven reliability
    High electrical durability
    Easy maintenance for coils

  • Technical specifications

    Standards: IEC 60947-4-1
    Number of poles: 3-pole, 4-pole
    Rated operational voltage: up to 1000 V AC
    Frequency limit of the operational current: 16 - 200 time/h
    Rated insulation voltage: 1000 V AC
    Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8 kV
    Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

Product Information

Product Information

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